I know it has been a while since I updated this blog. This is, sadly, my last entry.

My year as a fellow at IHI has come to a close. We had a fantastic end of year sponsors meeting that was highlighted by the IHI Fellow’s presentations as well as presentations by Don Berwick, Howard Hiatt and Julio Frenk (Dean Harvard School of Public Health).

Larry Johnston and Nate Richardson traveled here from Huntsville to participate in this end of year celebration and I extend my most heart felt thanks to them.

I will leave you with a favorite poem of mine and nothing more:

‘Traveler, there is no path.
The path is made by walking.

‘Traveller, the path is your tracks
And nothing more.
Traveller, there is no path
The path is made by walking.
By walking you make a path
And turning, you look back
At a way you will never tread again
Traveller, there is no road
Only wakes in the sea.

by Antonio Machado